“What New Year Resolution?..”

We have all made our New Year resolutions but now it is March 2015 and have we been keeping to the gym routines that we promised ourselves 3 months ago?

The three months leading up to Christmas I really found my groove. I was cycling to work each morning, visiting the gym three mornings a week and even eating right. In fact during those three months I lost 2 stones (34lbs/12,7kg) in weight. Then Christmas came, followed by the New Year. Already I knew it was going to be tough to return home to freezing cold Berlin and continue on the same path. The day before I came back I twisted my ankle. Just the excuse I needed! I have not been to the gym with any great passion since and boy can i feel it. I also have gained 2/3 of the weight that I had lost previously.

Skipping the gym is easy and there are a million reasons why you could put it off until tomorrow but if you really want to meet your fitness goals, you’ve got to create a gym routine and stick to it!It is worth a listen

I listen to the Body Do Over podcast and get a lot out of it and, if I am honest, I am one of the people who has really fell off the wagon recently. So, time to step up again.

via 3 Sources of “Get Your Butt in the Gym” Motivation | BDO 62.


UPDATE 24.03.15

I got my bike out from the basement and yesterday I cycled to work and back and today did the same. A return trip of 12km! I have to cycle past my gym too… but little steps. I will try to add the gym next week.

RMc x

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  1. Thanks a bunch for adding our podcast and I’m really happy to hear it’s helping to get you back on track. Let me know how we can help moving forward. Have a great week. John Schaefer

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