Unintentially Erotic Cakes!

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands! Here I am bored on a Sunday afternoon. I have my laptop in front of me and  I am thinking of something different to write. So, I start browsing and browsing and browsing until… “Unintentional Erotic Cakes”! That’s right, the idea for a new blog post is born, lol.


Mmmmmmmmm, tasty. I can’t wait to stuff that into my mouth!

Yes, I know, it is not quite what you expected but I have always said that this blog is also for giggles, so it is time to have a laugh courtesy of the guys from Cake Wrecks who have a entire page dedicated to the subject. So, if you like to see the Incredible Hulk getting ready to smash….through his shorts. Or look at a big blue Peter before it gets stuffed down someone’s throat, then check out the hilarious gaffes and unfortunate design choices that some of these bakers have made.

The cakes may be unintentionally erotic but they are also some of the  funniest cakes that you will see for a long time 🙂 You can see more of Cake Wrecks’ Top 12 Unintentionally Erotic Cakes here.

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