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Official Machofactory resident model and super hung porn star, Troy Moreno, started as an escort in Puerto Rico before becoming a stripper in Mexico and, after some adult modelling in various countries, began performing in adult videos in 2005.

You have an amazing body. Tell me about your fitness journey.

I think that I have good genetics. I have always been short but I have wide shoulders and good proportions going for me. Ever since I was young I was interested in the gym and weight training.

How young were you?

When I was a school boy, you know, when I was about 13 years old. I couldn’t wait

to get inside of the gym. I collected, actually I still do, muscle magazines. I would watch the exercise channel. There, I would watch the great Jack LaLanne. Sports also played a big part in my family. My uncles especially, they played basketball and (American) football so I grew up seeing lots of trophies. As a consequence, being active was just a natural thing. Initially I would spend all my time in the library but once I started middle school, my interest in weight training developed. I have been interested ever since.

So, you have maintained a fitness regime for most of your life?

Yes. I love it. I enjoy it. It comes easy when you enjoy it. Although I don’t systematically track what I do in the gym or write anything down to see my progress, I know that I am not back tracking and that I am always

improving. I still feel great when I leave the gym. Lifting weights and looking good comes super, super natural to me. It’s not a chore at all.

Do you go to the gym every day?

I actually try to make myself not got to the gym otherwise I would be there every day if I could…and I would but I know that will lead to some kind of body image complex/ over training/ hitting a plateaux too early and becoming sad or depressed about it. I have a background in psychology so I know these are some of the potential pitfalls when you exercise too much. On average I would say that I lift weights 3-4 times a week. When I’m not lifting I may do some cardio work. I like the environment of a gym.

What kind of gym do you like to go to?

It depends on a number of factors. I enjoy a gym that is testosterone charged with a good vibe. Gay gyms? I avoid them! And I don’t like a gym that has too many women either. I find that the music in those gyms isn’t to my style. It feels like gym owners are trying to create a “club-like” atmosphere and not attract serious gym goers. It can be off putting.

Do you have a gym partner?

I prefer to work-out on my own, I always have. I had a gym partner two or three months ago and we actually worked out very well together but for the most part I enjoy going on my own.

Morning, afternoon or evening. What time do you prefer to work-out?

I prefer morning, or least, I like a work-out to be the first thing that I do in the morning. About 9-10am, then once I have it out of my system I can continue on with my agenda for the day and complete my day’s chores. If go later in the day I won’t be as focused and my energy levels won’t be there.

How long do your work-outs take?

My gym time for me is usually for an hour but if I am training my legs then it will be for 2 hours. I train my whole body each gym session. I don’t do parts or focus on a particular muscle group when I train. On the odd occasion when I don’t train the whole body I will separate it into two parts: top half or bottom half of the body. This is one of the reasons why I don’t go to the gym more than I do.

You clearly have a super sexy physique, what is your favourite part of your body?

Hmmmm….. I don’t know.

Okay, I’ve seen photos of you and I think your abs are phenomenal.

Everybody wants abs! (laughs)troy

What do you think of your physique?

I know that I look okay. I think I look good. I don’t spend time looking in the mirror nit-picking different parts of my body. I would like to improve my ‘V’ shape and make it more distinct which will mean broadening my shoulders and broadening my upper lats and slimming down my waist. I want it more defined.

So, are you happy with the way you look?

I am happy but I wouldn’t mind a bigger chest. I sometimes complement a guy on the way his shoulders look and think, “I want shoulders like that.” but I’m not mad about it.

Do you have someone writing your work-out plans?

No, I tend to get my information from reading old bodybuilding magazines (Muscle & Fitness, Physique Pictorial and Fitness RX) and by reading online articles. I don’t buy new magazines; I still read the ones that I have collected. A lot of the focus in new magazines is on supplements,

How do you feel about supplements?

As long as they are only supplements! The word is used more and more as a euphemism for a short cut to getting a great body. “You need to take this protein to get this body”. Plus, I don’t like mixing powders, I have a hard time keeping them down…taste wise.

What food do you enjoy eating?

I go with whole foods. I like to eat, I like to cook and it is cheaper to do these things and more delicious. I’m not vegetarian, I eat meat. I’m not a calorie counter and I don’t weigh my portions either. I feel that as I go to the gym, I am able to be a little bit more flexible with my portions sizes.

Cooking Üp A Storm
Cooking Up A Storm

When I eat, my food has lots of seasoning, lots of flavour and is presented well. I even put it on my plate as if it was being served in a restaurant. I like to make my own juices. I’m getting into the habit of making green juice and beet(root) juice. I look for recipes and try them out. I have a hand held mixer. I blend it all and drink it. And it’s GOOD! I wish I had a juicer because then I could use carrots. I see those infomercials at night and recently I’ve been wanting to get a Nutri Bullet blender/juicer. Easy to clean and so delicious, lol!

Maybe one of our readers will buy you one as a gift! Away from the gym, tell me, what does Troy Moreno like to do in his downtime?

I love to watch drama and espionage thrillers. Espionage films are fast paced and are in international locations: Rome, Berlin, London, etc. I love to watch movies at the cinema then go out and have a cocktail with good friends or company. That would be Ideal.

I also enjoy writing. I have written and published three books: Autobiography of an American Nigger in San Juan, A Traveller Other and The American Affair with Openness: What the Left Unleashed from Pandora’s Box. All of which are available to purchase on Amazon.

If you want to find out more about Troy Moreno you can check out his blog, BI-LATERAL TROYMISSION, ( There you can find xxx photos, details of his upcoming live shows and information of when his new scenes are released. You can also follow him on Twitter @troymission.

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