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Sexy twink, Tigger Redd, is the new kid on the block. He has had a very busy 2016 and 2017 is set to be even bigger! With that amazing smile and those delicious lips, Tigger definitely is the purr-fect porn star! But how does he maintain his svelte physique? Let’s ask him…

Welcome to LIIB Tigger.
Thank you!
At what age did you get into fitness and weight training and why do you continue?
I think I was 14 years old. I started out young because I was a cheerleader in high school and we had to be in shape when it came to practises, pep rallies, and game days.

Are you trained dancer?
I am not a trained dancer. Dancing for me comes naturally. It’s just something I was born with and when I feel the rhythm of a song of music I just begin dancing alone or with my friends.

Why did you become a cheerleader?
I became a cheerleader because all my best friends were on the squad and it was a way for all of us to bond. I always been fascinated with the sport and with me not being the most athletic I felt like this one fit me perfectly.
Did you receive any comments (positive or negative) from other students about it?
I received a lot of positivity for it. A lot of people cheered me on and supported me throughout it including my family and other friends.

Excellent, you have great friends!

When you finished high school did you continue to keep fit?
After I was done with high school, I stayed in touch with working out and I began to see a change in my body muscularity. I am slim but I have a swimmers build with abs and lean arms and legs.

With continuous gym training are there any celebrity/porn actor physiques you would like your body to resemble?
Even though I admire a lot of gym physiques, I don’t want to look like any of them. I don’t want to have similarities with the next person, I want to stand out and be in my own lane. That way I will have the attention of others on in various ways.
So, what are your fitness goals?
My fitness goals are to just building more muscle. I like my swimmer’s frame and physique, yet just adding a little more to it doesn’t hurt.

Do you have any fitness heroes?
I would have to say Noah Galloway because even though he lost his left arm and leg in an accident, he still has overcame obstacles and continues to push through greatly in the fitness environment.

Do you enjoy sports (watching or playing)?
No, I do not like sports. The only time I will watch it is if I’m home with my family and we are all watching it together or if it’s the Olympics and I am interested in seeing the different countries battle it out for gold.

You’re not a sports fan but you clearly look trim and healthy, how often do you go to the gym?
I go at least one day a week.

Only one day??
Yes, but in addition, since I love to dance, I incorporate that into my fitness regime too.

Do you have a gym partner or do you work out alone?
I do. I go with my best friend because when I am tired I know that they will push me to my limit in different areas.
Would you date someone who wasn’t into health and fitness?
Yes I would and I actually have because there are guys who don’t go to the gym and still have nice looking bodies and who are in shape.

How carefully do you have to watch what you eat?
To be honest, I’m not careful at all. I love to eat, lol.

Really? I am so jealous!
Sorry! I can eat almost everything and, with me having such a high metabolism, my food goes nowhere in my body so I can pig out on whatever I want.
What foods do you enjoy to eat?
I’m pretty picky about certain foods but I will say Southern food because I am a Southern guy myself so good homemade food is always my favourite.

So which foods do you not like to eat?
It just depends. I’m a Southerner born and raised so a lot of food we eat down here I hate. In fact I dislike watermelon, collard greens, chitlins… the list goes on. If it smells bad or tastes awful I refuse to eat it.

What about supplementing your diet, do you take any?
I sometimes do protein shakes but for the most part I don’t take any supplements.

 Okay, let’s move away from the fitness and get to know a bit more about Tigger. I have some silly, quick fire questions for you to answer. Don’t think too hard but give the answer that comes straight to mind. Are you ready
Let’s do it!
What is your hidden talent?
I am very  flexible and can dance.

What smells do you hate?
I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. It gets stuck on your clothes and just stays in the room making you cough and gag.

What was the first song that you ever bought/downloaded?
Err, let me think…

No thinking time allowed!
Okay. I think it was Chris Brown’s 2nd CD back when I was in middle school in 2007…or 2008? it’s been so long I can’t remember the name, lol.

If your house was burning, what object would you save?
Me of course! I gotta get outta there before I’m burned alive; however, my phone and wallet are both in close reach with me so I will have both those two important things with me.

What is your favourite movie?
My favourite movie is Juwanna Mann, it’s a 2002 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Jesse Vaughan. I love that movie like crazy! I have watched it so much; I know lines from lines and will die laughing no matter how many times I watch it.

That’s the final question. You can relax now.
Phew, thanks. That was actually good fun.

Tigger, thanks again for agreeing to be featured in LIIB and I hope 2017 is even more successful than last year.
Thank you!

Follow Tigger Redd on Twitter, @TiggerReddXXX for updates, hot photos, video previews and more info about him and his movies. You can also read all about his life in the adult film industry in the February  issue of Boner magazine .


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