That’s Where The Bears Are!


Like big, hairy bears? Want to see hot, sexy guys? Enjoy a good murder mystery series? Laugh out loud at Golden Girls humour? Always trying to solve mysteries?

Well, you must start watching Where the Bears Are!

Where the Bears Are is a comedy-mystery web series that was created and written by and stars Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook. They described the series as a cross between The Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote. The series focuses on three gay bear friends sharing a house who, in each season, are drawn into a different murder investigation.

This popular series is hysterical, full of thrills, chills and kills! I love it so much that I even supported them in their Kickstarter Season 3 (it’s true, check me out on the credits). Now in its fourth series (or season, as the Americans say) it continues to promote a more well rounded (no pun intended) image of the modern gay men. In series 4, episode 8 features special guest, another of my favourite things, Jonny McGovern. He stars in this episode that pays homage to the classic Golden Girls episode, Grab That Dough.

Watch the web series on their website or catch them on their Youtube channel. You can buy the DVDs of the first three series here. They also have a cornucopia of WTBA merchandise in the online store.

Where The Bears Are is definitely one of my favourite things!


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