Rogan Richards

If you like your men stacked and with as much muscle as a man’s skeleton can hold, then we have the guy for you! LIIB presents, from down under, the sexy muscle god who doesn’t mince his words, Rogan Richards. Read about Rogan’s workouts, his views on steroids and how he discovered masturbation!
Welcome Rogan!

Let’s get right to it. What are your current stats?
The only thing I measure is my weight and I’m 100 kilos right now.

Well, you have a fantastic body. Were you a skinny man looking to be big or a fat boy looking to lose weight?
I was skinny wanting to be bigger.

How did you get in fitness and weight training?
My old man was a competitive bodybuilder, so I grew up with a gym in my family home. I first became attracted to men with muscular physiques not through MOTU (which most of my fans would assume) but Tarzan TV shows and movies as well as the images of the great bodybuilders of the 70s and 80s that were plastered all over my dads gym walls. It wasn’t long before I wanted to look like those huge guys and had access to a gym to make that happen. The rest is history.

How difficult was it for you to gain muscle?
I fucked around for years getting no where, so it took a long time before I realised I had to educate myself how to train correctly and started seeing results.

So, what are your fitness goals?
They change constantly but right now it’s to get to 110 kilos and compete again.

I am inspired by off season bodies.

Who do you think has the ideal physique?
I actually don’t like stage physiques and am inspired by off season bodies. Having said that if I ever want to be inspired I will go on YouTube and look up guys like John Cena, Johnny Doull or Cody Montgomery. It’s quite possible I infuse inspiration with lust.

What is your gym schedule?
7 days a week. 1-2 hours in the gym.

7 days?? That’s incredible! Can you tell me three essential exercises that you think will help you to achieve your goal?
Absolutely none. It’s not what you do its how you do it.

Would you still work out if you wasn’t working within the adult film industry?
I was working out for years before I was in porn and will be for years after.

With that said, what would you consider as being your best feature?
I’m notorious for my chest and ass and making guys chew on ‘em.

How much do you eat every day?

Food to live or live for food?
Food to grow! At the moment I am eating 6 meals a day. Every meal has 200g of protein. My pre and post gym meals also have 250g carbs each. Almond butter/or nuts and greens fill out the rest.

And do you use any supplements?
Of course.

There’s nothing wrong with someone using enhancers to achieve their body goals.

How do you feel about using steroids?
There’s nothing wrong with someone using enhancers to achieve their body goals. It’s a shame it’s still a taboo topic and so misunderstood and falsely represented in social media. If there were more open conversations and acceptance of it there would be less mistakes and mishaps by young guys who use it without any proper education. Thankfully, you can learn a lot from the internet but it’s convoluted with opinionated people that can make it confusing for young guys.

Bodybuilding is an expensive sport, is there any way that our readers could support you?
Absolutely! You can donate at my website here or contact me (on my social media) if you are a Muscle Feeder and want a new Muscle Daddy to support. Can come with benefits too! (Wink)

Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them.
I’ve told this story before but think it’s appropriate for this interview. The first time I discovered masturbation I was doing crunches. I was lying on the floor, my legs up on a bench, and I guess I was getting off on myself doing the crunches topless. (Some things start early!) I had no idea what happened! I just got hard and my cock was rubbing up against my jocks and I loved how it made me feel so I kept crunching more and harder till I cam. I thought I could only achieve this again by doing crunches so I was crunching every day just so I could cum. Finally, I told a mate at school who looked at me funny and explained I can just grab and tug it. Needless to say this created the foundation of a rock hard stomach!

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