Diet: Your Food Selection Will Enhance Your Mood & Erection

We all have heard the adage you are what you eat and we understand that what we put into our bodies affects the way that it works. Look after our bodies by feeding it well. So, I know that eating cakes or piling high a plate of mash potato and steak will not be the best thing for my body but as long as I go to the gym I will be able to burn off the excess calories. But have you considered how else a bad diet can cause your body not to function as well as it should?

Your skin? Your waistline? Even your hairline? There may be something else that you haven’t really thought about (I know I didn’t). I stumbled across an article in that made my eyes stand on end!

A question for the fellas. Are you cucumber, banana or tofu?I think you understand the imagery


Penis erection and erection hardness!

I know, I wasn’t expecting to read about this either but my curiosity just made me read….all in the name of research of course.

We all know that there are medications we can take that will allow us to achieve that erection that can last for hours (Viagra, Cialis and other sildenafil citrate pills can do this artificially) and many, many men take them recreationally. But along with giving you the rock hard cock you have always desired there is a list of increasing side effects that may make you want to think twice before you decide to take them long term (heartburn, chest pain, memory loss, heartburn …)

A healthy heart equals a healthy penis so exercise is an important factor too. There is also another factor to think about, the hardness factor! This is where the importance of a good diet can not be emphasised enough. Here are 5 foods that help the body produce nitric acid that will, in turn, help to keep your manhood in tip top condition and in perfect hard working order






Read the excellent article and see the full list of 15 foods that will help to keep you hard and popular here The Secret to A Harder Erection is in Your Fridge by Heather Hurlock in Details Magazine.

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