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Welcome to Bjorn, our first ‘Scruff-lebrity’ interview but after reading his interview you will see that it is just a matter of time before his name soon becomes well known for his other talents. He has a killer body and has the confidence to talk to me about his fitness lifestyle and his other interests. Over to you Bjorn…

I sent you a random message on Scruff app and you graciously accepted my offer to be interviewed for the site so, before we begin, tell the readers a little about yourself.
Well, my name is Bjorn and my Scruff profile name is also “Bjorn”. I reside in London and have lived here for 8 years but I am originally from Norway. I work in music as an Editorial Curator.

How did you feel about getting a random message from me to your profile on Scruff?
A bit sceptical at first, as I’ve come across a couple of weirdos on Scruff, but realised quite quickly it was a genuine enquiry and then felt quite flattered.

Well, you do have a fantastic physique and I thought that the readers would love to know how you attained it 🙂

Of all of the Scruff categories, which one do you think describes you best?
Maybe guy next door? Jock could fit too. I don’t really think I’m hairy enough to be an otter and I wouldn’t really say I fit in with the super muscular guys either.Bjorn2

Give it some time and I’m sure you will! When did you get into fitness and weight training?
Fairly recently, about 3 years ago. That’s when I joined a gym and started taking weight training seriously. Before then I’d only been running and had done some weight training at home.

Do you have any fitness heroes?
I follow a guy based in the states called Michael Morelli who is an avid supporter of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and is a guy that I get a lot of good weight training tips from. His Instagram and Snapchat are particularly full of good tips and tricks, though I’ve never signed up to any of his programmes in detail.

What are your fitness goals?
I’d like to bulk up a little more and gain a bit more size and definition, while still staying fairly lean and in good shape. I tend to zigzag between wanting to stay lean and cut and bulking up but the two are really hard to combine! So recently I’ve decided to go for a proper bulk and not worry about doing a cut until spring.

I try to go 4 or 5 times a week.

Seems like you know what you’re talking about. How often do you go to the gym?
I try to go 4 or 5 times a week. Depending what programme I’m following and how intense my workouts are. I’ll spend between 45mins to an hour in the gym. The most time I’d spend in the gym would be an hour and a half, no more that; I try to keep things fairly intense and fast-paced.

Do you regularly change your workout routine?
I’ll change my routine every 4 to 6 weeks so I keep seeing results.

People either work-out alone or with a friend. Do you have a gym partner?
I train chest sometimes with a colleague when I gym at lunch time. I’m also training a mate of mine at a different gym so I’ll sometimes train with him too in the evenings or at weekend.

Bjorn1You spend a lot of time in the gym. Weights or cardio? Which one is your preference?
Weights, definitely. I’m naturally lean and skinny so it’s what I have to turn to see any results in the size and definition department. Saying that I’m not opposed to cardio, as I like running especially.

How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?
I read a lot of fitness blogs and check out a few websites on a fairly regular basis – has always been a good one. I also like to keep things challenging for myself and trying out new exercises, I’d get very bored if I was always just doing the same routines.

Would you date someone who wasn’t into health and fitness?
They wouldn’t necessarily have to be into it but if they’re completely disinterested in staying in shape and always eating junk then I’m not sure we’d be compatible. I wouldn’t expect any guy I date to be obsessed with health and fitness. He should at least be supportive of me being into it, that would be important.

Let’s talk about your eating habits. What are your favourite foods to eat?
I love oriental food, in particular Japanese. I’d love to eat sushi every day! I’m also a big fan of Thai, Korean cuisine as well as Mexican food.

How carefully do you have to watch what you eat?
It depends on what training I’m doing. Recently I’ve been bulking and training very intensely so I’ve gotten away with eating more naughty things like pizza, burgers etc. But if I’m doing a cut then I’m super strict. I’m naturally lean and have a pretty fast metabolism but I can definitely tell if I’m overloading on the carbs, in particular sugar. I also get breakouts from dairy so I try to avoid that if I can. I don’t eat a lot of red meat either, I tend to stick to chicken, turkey, fish and nuts for my main protein sources. I also avoid processed meats if possible.

I’ve tried quite a few supplements and have always been disappointed with the results…

Do you take any dietary supplements?
I’ve tried quite a few supplements and have always been disappointed with the results; nothing works as well as training hard, eating well and getting enough sleep and rest in. Currently I’m taking a few select vitamins daily (vitamin D3 in particular, as sunshine is so sparse in the UK!). I’m also on creatine at the moment. I drink a lot of protein shakes but am going to switch to plant-based ones in the New Year as I find I get good results with them and my skin is a lot happier without all the dairy-based protein.

How do you feel about organic foods?
If I could afford to do all my food shopping at Whole Foods, I would! I always find organically grown vegetables taste better than non-organic ones and, personally, I think it’s important to support organic farmers. I try to buy organic when I can but it’s not always that my budget allows for it, sadly.

After all this exercising and eating well, which part of your body would you say is your best feature?
Let me see…I think I’ve got good legs and my bum is pretty alright for a tall skinny guy. It’s all those squats! <wink>

Finally, tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them.
I make dark alternative electropop under my middle name Vårum – I put my debut EP out at the end of last year on my own label.

Well Bjorn, thank you for being such a good sport and sharing your fitness journey with us. I’m sure some of readers will take inspiration from what you have told us.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity!

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