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Twink, Bear or Jock? Which One Is Your Body Type?

I just did the worst thing that a person can do. I may sound dramatic but it takes a lot of courage to do this heinous act.  What did I do? I took a full body nude selfie of myself. Why? Well, not for any hook-up site. It was just see if I have made any progress on this fitness drive that I am attempting.

Now, I know that everyone has a different body shape but most experts suggest that before you embark on any exercise regimen you should know the type of body  you have. But what are the different body types?

Which One Are You?

There are three basic body types and most people fall somewhere within these groups. The groups are:

Ectomorph = Lean and thin. Twinks and otters

Endomorph = Larger build that carry more fat. Bears

Mesomorph = Stocky and muscular. Jocks

There are pros and cons to having any one of these body types, so you shouldn’t be jealous of the body that someone else has. For example, ectomorphs typically have  a high metabolic rate which means that they burn calories quicker than most, so they remain slim. But they also find it extremely difficult trying to gain weight or add muscularity to their physique. They have to spend a lot of time at the gym lifting weights to attain the body that moves them from twink to Muscle Mary.

Bear chub to muscle bear is a goal for many furry guys.

Endomorphs are larger and heavier people. They find it very hard to lose weight due to their slow metabolism, much slower than their ectopmorphic cousins. Conversely, endomorphs have a much easier time packing on the muscle. Bear chub to muscle bear is a goal for many furry guys.

But what about the mesomorph? What issues could they possibly have? Well, not much. They have high metabolic rate (not as high as the thin and lean “ecto-machines”), it is not too difficult for them to gain muscle and they don’t carry too much fat. They tend to be shorter- that’s all I can come up with as a “con” but for some guys, this is a real problem.

Take The Test!

Most people have their favourite builds that they find attractive but do you have the physique that you want? The exercises that you choose to do should be based on the physique that you have. But do you know if you are an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph? Take the test at Bodybuilding.com and find out for yourself.