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Diet: Your Food Selection Will Enhance Your Mood & Erection

We all have heard the adage you are what you eat and we understand that what we put into our bodies affects the way that it works. Look after our bodies by feeding it well. So, I know that eating cakes or piling high a plate of mash potato and steak will not be the best thing for my body but as long as I go to the gym I will be able to burn off the excess calories. But have you considered how else a bad diet can cause your body not to function as well as it should?

Your skin? Your waistline? Even your hairline? There may be something else that you haven’t really thought about (I know I didn’t). I stumbled across an article in http://details.com that made my eyes stand on end! Continue reading Diet: Your Food Selection Will Enhance Your Mood & Erection

‘New’ Types of Diabetes Discovered

Scientists in Scandinavia have suggested dividing diabetes into five “cluster” groups of the disease, rather than only two “types”. Researchers in Sweden and Finland think the more complicated picture they have uncovered will usher in an era of personalised medicine for diabetes. Although the study could revolutionise the way we treat diabetes in the future, changes to treatment would not be immediate. Read on and get a details on how to get a FREE Digital Smart Diabetes Manager.

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