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Super handsome stud, Alberto Esposito, has already worked with some of the biggest gay adult studios and has recently filmed scenes with Timtales and Fuckermates. He has now set his sights on becoming one of the biggest adult stars there is. But how does his fitness regime help him to develop a body that already has the studios wanting to work with him?


“… a big chest makes every man happy :)”

Welcome Alberto.

On screen you seem very fit indeed, what are your statistics?
Thank you very much, I do try very hard  I’m 35 years old, my height is 182 centimetres (6ft) and I weigh 80kg (12st 8lbs or 176lbs).

What are your goals for developing your physique?
My fitness goals are to gain more volume and size on my arms and on my legs. As they are also the longest muscles in the body it will be difficult to achieve but I am prepared to work to make the changes happen.

Gym work completed for the day.

Can you tell me three essential exercises that you think will help you to achieve your goal?
First I want to improve my chest/pecs because a big chest makes every man happy 🙂 I do bench press and dumbbell flies. Next would be the squat. Every man dreams to have a nice, firm bum to show under the jeans 🙂 And finally, abdominal crunches and sit-ups, lots of them! I like eating pasta like most Italians but carbs are not good to eat if you want a flat belly. I’m too scared to fat stomach!

Do you go to the gym every day?
I go to the gym four times a week when I can and I do my best not to change my habits, I mean if you want to achieve good results and maintain them, you need to have the gym as one of your main priorities. Sometimes when I travel a lot it’s hard to work-out so I do some simple exercises that you can do at home or outside, like running or stretching. And it’s extremely important for an actor in the adult film industry to take care of their body and to be looking good. You have to keep your body in top condition, always ready for when you are filming scenes.

Health and Fitness Trends

aexxx7How important do you think it is to keep educated about the fitness trends?
I used to talk with other members of my gym but I periodically review my work-out schedule with a professional trainer to understand what’s best to change and what’s best to leave as it is. When we use weights we need to change exercises often because our body uses many different movements and also we need to remember that mobility is extremely important; I think even more than having a good shape. To have a great body you shouldn’t only use weights and diet. For me, the most important thing is to be coordinated and to be able to execute the full range of the movement that the body needs.

I don’t go to the gym for the others but for me.

Alberto Esposito

But would you still work out if you wasn’t working within the adult film industry?
Of course! I don’t go to the gym for the others but for me.

Food, Diet and Supplements

Let’s talk about your eating habits. What are your favourite foods?
I’m an Italian, so you know I’m just obsessed with good food. I actually converted to organic food when I started to live alone and cook on my own for my personal care. In my opinion, it’s impossible to have a great body without a good diet. I don’t have a “heavy” diet but I am careful to eat different things. I enjoy a rich diet full of vegetables, proteins and seasonal fruits, especially in the morning. When I wake up I need to eat a lot and prepare my body for my work-out and my day.

Do you add any supplements to your diet?
Yes, I use proteins and amino acids. Guys, DON’T use steroids!! I’m 35 years old, 180cm and 80 kg…I think I have a good balance between weight and height and I’d love to keep my shape like this for the future, or maybe just work on my proportions.Never forget how is important to have good proportions. In the adult film industry, but also real life, it is full of overly muscled “meat heads” who really don’t care that they have a big chest with skinny legs and no ass or having big muscular arms and no shoulders…I think we all need to remember how important is to make our body able to move correct and to have an harmonic shape.

Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them.
This is something that may surprise your readers; I actually studied architecture and have a Masters’ Degree in management for interior retail design. I will one day go back to my career but until then I’m looking to have a lot of sexy fun.

Wow, brains, brawn and sex appeal, you have it all!
Thank you. <blush>

No, thank you Alberto!

You can download his latest scene at Get a sneak peak from his new scene with Kristen Bjorn here (NSFW contains explicit content). Follow Alberto Esposito on Twitter @aepornactorxxx to see photos and find more info about his movies.

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