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My Top 10 Places with Rude Names.

Who would live in a place like this?

Here at LIIB I can have an immature sense of humour and mind. This was apparent after mindlessly browsing through Twitter this morning. I found that there is a small town in England called Bell End. This got me thinking, Are there other rude or oddly sexual named places around the world?  And low and behold, there are! So, in a Buzzfeed listical way, I present to you my Top 10 Places with Rude Names .

How Rude!

  1. Minge Lane, Worcestershire. For those people who live outside of the UK,the word “minge” is British slang for that particular lady part that a platinum gay has avoided touching throughout his life.
  2. Fanny Barks, Durham. As British slang words go,they seem to have a huge amount of words to describe the female downstairs anatomy. Fanny is yet another one. Yes, unlike in the USA, a fanny is the front bottom of a lady not the back.
  3. Climax, Georgia. Around 300 people experience being in Climax every single day. Sounds exhausting!
  4. Brown Willy, Cornwall. You may have assumed that this would be a place in India or in one of the Arab nations but you would be wrong. Where is it? Good old England of course. But it make wonder why the willy is brown…
  5. Le Tampon, Réunion Island. Not really a rude name but it  is certainly unusual.
  6. Dildo, Newfoundland. Apparently they call themselves “Dildodians”. I don’t think that calling themselves Dickheads was an option.
  7. Fucking, Austria. Although it’s actually pronounced ‘fooking’ it is just funnier when you say it wrong.
  8. Knob Lick. A town in Missouri. Missouri is also home to a town called Licking
  9. Wankum, North Rhine-Westphalia. Wankum, wank ’em. Geddit?
  10. Crap, Switzerland. Is there anyone out there who just doesn’t find scatological humour funny? No? I did say that we have immature minds here at LIIB!

Have you found any other places names that I may have missed? Post a comment.

This Article was inspired after reading: Dildo, Three Cocks, Big Butt Mountain and 15 more utterly filthy place names – Gay Star News

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