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Soul: Early Bird Flying to Berlin, Is It Worth It?


It’s 06:00 and I am awake. Why? Because I’m a cheapskate! I’m flying to Berlin and the flight cost  only £45.99 and now I know why! I don’t actually fly till 09:40 but with the packing, the checking, the checking again, you just gotta be sure. We all have missed flights before, right? Right?? Also, Dan was going into work for the first after the holidays and he had be there at 09:00 so you know that this wasn’t us at our usual dazzling selves- but it just had to be done.

Again, I omitted the breakfast option in an insane bid to save calories (although I have been reading up on this and it not as bad as popular culture would have you believe, but that is another story).IMG_5671

Anyway, a quick train journey into New street then a swift connection to BHX followed by a short public display of affection meant that I was ready to check-in with a not so friendly Flybe machine (an actual machine), be frowned upon by security staff but then welcomed onboard by another Flybe machine (an actual person this time but it was just as impersonal).

I sat down and noticed that the cabin was half full. This is okay for the one off flight, but I need this flight route to be popular. Filled to the brim. People begging to be placed on standby. Without these flights being over subscribed this route may well be discontinued and go the way of my first love Germanwings. Actually I fell in love with Lufthansa who then dropped me so I had to jump to Germanwings and now I am on sloppy thirds with Flybe (ugh)! I do like them but I did have a very brief fling with Norwegian to Gatwick and that was new and exhilarating. They even had free WIFI! Lovely (to be said with a Brummie accent).

Now before I carry on, I have been reminded by Dai that this blog is meant to be an account of me documenting my weight loss and fitness activity. This is true, I haven’t forgotten this fact so I will just remind you all that I did injure my ankle a few days ago and I am resting it before the big exercise explosion begins in one, or two, days. Be patient Dai!

Aaaaaaanyway, the journey was otherwise uneventful but I did walk…and walk till I got home. Walking = exercise. Yes exercise! And I got my steps in too. Thank you Fitbit Flex http://fitbit.com

Rest and relaxion awaits… then back to school!

RMc x

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