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Welcome to Ncguy, our second ‘Growl-ebrity’ interview. He is a man who lives and breathes exercise as a fitness instructor. He is also happy to share some of knowledge and experience with us about health and fitness. Fresh off the Growlr App into your home, here is Ncguy!

Thanks for agreeing to share your health & fitness experiences with my readers. So, tell us a little bit about yourself.
My Growlr name is Ncguy. I live in Asheville North Carolina in the USA. I work as a physician and fitness instructor.

How did you feel about getting a random message from me to your profile on Growlr?
All good 🙂

So, when did you get into fitness and weight training?
For me it began at the age of 20 and it progressed from there. I love helping people to get fit.

Do you have any fitness heroes?
Oh yes, I have couple of people who I have always admired: Jack LaLanne and Gil Janklowicz. Jack was a fitness pioneer and was called the “godfather of fitness”. He lived to 96 years old! Gil Janklowicz is a fitness personality best known for the longest running fitness show in the US “Bodies in Motion”.

Tell me about your life as a fitness instructor?
Been doing this 29 years, I currently teach Les Mills fitness classes, RPM and Body Pump for Gold Gym. Their trainers and presenters keep me inspired and motivated…awesome instructors and role models! I love to move, love to help people get fit and hopefully keep them entertained while doing it!

Losing Weight

What do you think is the best thing a person can do if they want to lose weight?
Weight train! Add lean body mass; muscle is the metabolic powerhouse!

How often do you go to the gym each week?
Usually teach 3-4 classes of one hour each and do at least three or four 90min sessions of Bikram yoga each week.

IMG_7841How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?
Although the Les Mills workouts always follow the same format, the actual class you deliver is never the same. I try hard to vary the types of exercises I deliver in Body Pump. With Bikram yoga, the 90 minute class is unchanging…same 26 postures every class and I like this! It gives me a benchmark to measure how my body is doing on any given day and over time. I stay up to date with Les Mills quarterly education, maintaining ACE certification, reading journals

 Would you date someone who wasn’t into health and fitness?
My husband of 18 years might not like it if I did LOL…  Actually Barry is into fitness too. He is a regular at Body Pump and also yoga (although he is not as big as a yoga freak as me, lol). He doesn’t like cycling… he says it makes his scrotum go numb, LOL!

Food and Supplements

 Let’s talk about your eating habits. How carefully do you have to watch what you eat?
I try to follow a low carb diet, it’s just what works for me.  But I have a big weakness for sweets!

 So, what do you enjoy eating?
I’m terrible! I enjoy all the wrong stuff…pizza, fried chicken, pastries …but always in moderation (hopefully).

Do you take any dietary supplements? IMG_7843
I do actually take a range of supplements. Multi-vitamins, garlic (heart and blood pressure health), resveratrol and CoQ10 (anti-oxidants), SAMe (a mood stabiliser). I also take injectables. I take hCG, 250 units twice a week to keep my testosterone levels healthy, lipotropic vitamins twice weekly and sermorelin (this is nectar of the Gods!!) 10 units daily to boost natural human growth hormone secretion.

Are you a fan of organic foods?

Now that you have been working out for a while, which part of your body would you say is your best feature?
My tits and ass LOL!

Of all of the Growlr categories, which one describes you best?
No one label of category…but I guess daddy/muscle/otter lol…definitely not twink any more, LOL!

IMG_7844Okay, before we wrap this up, have you had anything strange or unusual happen to you during your time training people?
A woman came to my spinning class a few weeks ago. She was very fit but VERY pregnant too. She said that she was a week overdue but she wanted to do a class. She started the class but I saw her leave halfway through. I sent someone to check on her…turns out that her WATER BROKE midway through the session!

Wow, maybe you should add OB/GYN to your list of jobs!
It’s an idea, lol.

Well Ncguy, I am glad that I reached out to you. Thank you.
No problem!

Download the Growlr app and say hello to Ncguy. Find out more about Les Mills Fitness here http://www.lesmills.com/ and Golds Gym http://www.goldsgym.com/.

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