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His Kisses Don’t Make Me Weak, Help!

My boyfriend is really hot and a great lover, but I don’t like the way he kisses. He doesn’t use his tongue and if he does it feels like a cat is licking cream off the floor. I want to tell him but I know he’d be hurt. What do I do?

Nick, Bremen.

I completely understand that this would be an embarrassing subject to bring up, but think, do you have to actually kiss him? Yes, we all have heard that we can ‘have it all’ but sometimes less is more. Spend more time looking into each other’s eyes while he is between your thighs. Focus on what he is actually good at doing and not on his short comings. Now, if you insist on wanting to play “tongue gymnastics” with him, I suggest that you introduce some kind of feline role play into your sex life. Trust me, it’s the next big thing coming to the gay community! That way you can keep your relationship alive with a variety of cat licking games (floor, face, hands, genitals…) while, at the same time, adding a bit of kink too. Perfect!


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