Some people have a stuffed fridge and a pantry full of food at all times. Being fully stocked with food is what many people ensure that they have but, for me, that  could not be further from the truth.

Do you want the honest truth? Well, having an apartment full of food is my worst nightmare. If there is food at home, I simply can’t resist – I just gotta eat it. And eat it I will. Until it’s all GONE! So I have a different strategy. The “weekly shop” is out of the window for me, I shop on a daily basis.

The temptations of the daily food shop are still there: crisps, biscuits, cake, caramel, mmmmmmmm…. they’re all there.

So, here are 3 tips that will help you to choose some better options for all those foods that may not be all that good for you.

1.  Fizzy Drinks and Diet Soda

I grew  up drinking colas and cherryade. We even had a “popman” (like the milkman but he delivered carbonated drinks). He would come and delivery six 1 litre bottles every week to our home – and they weren’t even diet drinks . 100% pure sugar.

FACT: Fizzy drink have no nutritionally beneficial components. They mostly consist of filtered water and refined sugars. Diet sodas contain aspartame. There are over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consumption. Yowza!!

ALTERNATIVE: I still need to get my fix of fizzy drink so I have swapped to sparkling mineral water. I get all the tingle without all of the nasty additives.

2. Beef

FACT: A thick steak is a favourite for many meat-eaters but each can be high in fat and calories. Depending on what cut of meat you choose, of course.

ALTERNATIVE: Aubergines. Full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre and with the potential to lower cholesterol and help manage weight, aubergines are a great choice for salad and a meat alternative in stews and on the grill.

3. Tortilla Wraps

I love grab and go food. One of my favourites “grab” is the tortilla wrap. The South American tortilla of Bolivia and Chile is inspired by the Mexican food, but is a small flat cake, usually salty, made with wheat or maize flour. The tortilla wrap can be filled with meat, cheese even fish.

FACT: The average tortilla has almost 200 calories (and that’s without the filling). YIKES!

ALTERNATIVE: Replace the tortilla with an iceburg lettuce leaf. Use the lettuce to envelope your tastiest fillings. Healthy and delicious 🙂

The fantastic Eat This Not That blog has a comprehensive list of ideas. Check it out!