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Food Review: Ehrmann High Protein Vanilla Pudding

Over the past four months I’ve been going to the gym and I have noticed that many of the men there – young and old; slim and not so slim – were chugging down protein drinks. They drink it before they work-out or after they work-out. In addition, the gym even has a drinks vending machine that is dedicated to selling a variety of flavours of a ready mixed protein brand.

And now  food companies like Ehrmann have joined this current trend and are now producing a wide and diverse of range protein enriched food items (Protein Snickers bar? Click here!). The question for me isn’t “Are they necessary?” but whether they are tasty and value for money.

Today I am reviewing… Ehrmann High Protein Vanilla Pudding!

Ehrmann High Protein Puddings are available here in Germany in three flavours: Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla (although I have seen Dark Chocolate & Mint online). Full disclosure, I am a bit of a vanilla pudding sauce ‘aficionado’ ( I’ve been eating it for years!).

I don’t eat chocolate so I will give that flavour a miss and, although I do like caramel, I prefer the simple taste of vanilla.

What’s In It?

  • 20 grams of protein per pot!/20g Protein je Dose
  • 152 kcals per pot/ 152 kcals je Dose
  • Fat 3 grams/Fett 3g
  • Carbohydrates 11 grams/Kohlenhydrate 11g
  • Sugar 8 grams/Zucker 8g
  • Salt 0.24 grams/Salz 0,24g
  • Free of added sugar/Kein zusätzlicher Zucker
  • Free of lactose and gluten/Frei von Laktose und Gluten

First Impressions

The design of the pot has clearly been styled as to attract men. I guess that they figured that men would be the primary market for  protein enriched products. The pots are slightly larger than the usual size; they are black and ‘masculine’ looking and, because of this, they actually stand stand out from the other desserts in the refrigerator. Eye catching! Good work, you marketing devils!

The pot is labelled with all the buzz words that try to encourage as many people as possible to buy this pudding: “20 grams of protein”, “lactose free”, “fat free”, “gluten free”, and so on…

When you peel back the foil away from the pot the first thing that you notice is that the pudding contents fills the tub by only 80%. The pudding does have what I would call a “traditional pudding consistency”. Usually the pudding sauces  I prefer are more like a thick custard or a heavy whipped cream. This actually is quite  firm, similar to the way that a jelly would set.

Full disclosure, I am a bit of a vanilla pudding sauce ‘aficionado’ ( I’ve been eating it for years!).

How does it taste?

I was looking forward tasting this pudding, but alas, this was a thoroughly disappointing experience. It didn’t actually enjoy taste of much. No, let me rephrase that. It tasted exactly how it described itself: no fat, not sweet, very little vanilla flavour. Unfortunately this pudding was all a bit “meh”. In fact it tasted the exact opposite of what you want a dessert to be.


Recent research shows that, unless you are an elite athlete, the vast majority of people in the western world eat enough protein on a daily basis so, unless you are in desperate need to increase your protein intake, I would stick to eating REAL pudding!

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