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Exercise Will Keep You Obese – Fact!

When waking up in the morning I go through the same routines. Shower, brush teeth, cycle to gym then go to work. But the very first thing I do is to open the BBC news app. Reliable world news reporting. This morning I read something that made me smile, think and then wonder about the validity of the information that I was reading:  “Physical activity has little role in tackling obesity”?

Could this be true? Have we all been duped into purchasing unnecessary gym memberships for all these years??

Now, apparently, it’s not about how much you work out but more like how much you shovel in .

Three scientists (AKA the Myth Busters) are trying to spread the word about the importance of healthy eating rather than trying to burn those pesky calories on the treadmill. In fact, they suggest that that pasta, bread and sugar are the devils food.poisonThat’s not to say that exercise doesn’t have a positive impact on the body. Exercise does keep at bay many of the most prevalent diseases like, dementia and heart disease.

One of the “Myth Busters”, London cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, seems to think that we are being hoodwinked by the multi-billion Euro food industry. He criticises huge multi-national companies like Coca Cola for spending billions of Euros to tell us that as long as you exercise, drinking Coke won’t make you fat.

Ian Wright, director general at Food and Drink Federation, rebukes this suggestion. He says, “The benefits of physical activity aren’t food industry hype or conspiracy.”

But not all calories are the same. Eating fat will leave you feeling more full than eating the equivalent calories of carbohydrates. In the words of the Myth Busters “Sugar calories promote fat storage and hunger. Fat calories induce fullness or ‘satiation’. ” a writer from bodybuiding.com says it simply:  “Eating fat makes you want to eat less”.

Dr Malhotra doesn’t pull any punches, going as far as saying: “An obese person does not need to do one iota of exercise to lose weight, they just need to eat less.”

Wow! Tell it how it is doc!

Should I Cancel That Gym Membership Now?

This research could be the excuse that all overweight people have been waiting for? But surely exercise must have some positive effects for losing weight? The Medlineplus website clearly states that regular physical activity can help to “control your weight.” Prof Mark Baker, of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence,  said it would be “idiotic” to rule out the importance of physical activity.

Governments around the world suggest that you follow their advice of doing plenty of exercise 3-5 days a week with a minimum of 30 minutes in each session. The NHS website has plenty of information on ways to exercise.


So, does this editorial confuse things? Does it make you want to reassess all that you have long believed about exercise, food and nutrition? I doubt it. The focus is on “obese” people and what they eat. Research shows that many obese people have other issues that contribute to their overeating and excess weight gain.  And is it helpful to tell someone to just stop eating what they clearly enjoy eating? A balanced diet along with exercise seems to be the common sense approach. So, why are we demonising  exercise? Haven’t we done that with food already?

You can read the BBC report Here.
You can read the full editorial in The British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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  1. Loretta

    This is a really interesting article. Thanks for posting it. Really balanced account. I love going to the gym with my husband. He goes all the time. But we sure like food too. We want healthy hearts!

  2. Everything matters- everything matters: food, exercise, rest, flexibility, balance, peace of mind.

  3. Interesting article. We definitely support being healthy, but would be very sad if all the bears disappeared.

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