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My mind, my body and my soul…

Drew Sumrok

From bar appearances and go-go dancing, live sex performances and starring in over 20 films and scenes, Drew Sumrok has become a major figure within the gay adult film industry for over 4 years. This Boston born stud is an actor, producer, model and artist with a fit, toned, muscular body. But how much work does it take to attain such a fantastic physique? Let’s ask him…

Welcome Drew.

You have a fantastic body. Tell me about your fitness journey.
I got into fitness and weight training when I was 26 years old, living in Boston, MA.

So, what are your fitness goals?
It’s been extremely challenging to maintain an active lifestyle and dedicate the time that I should to training. My goal for next summer is to be 220lb. I’ve been hard at work these last few months trying to get back into the rhythm of things since my surgery but it is a slow process and patience is always required.

Can you tell me three essential exercises that you think will help you to achieve your goal.
Abs, glutes and biceps. Abs and glutes for obvious reasons and biceps because everyone loves big biceps! Whether you’re male or female, it’s usually the first thing you see.

Do you go to the gym every day?
Typically my average workout schedule is 4 to 6 times a week. I have a home gym and each session lasts from 2-3 hours.

Gosh, you spend a lot of time in the gym. Do you prefer weights or cardio?
Weights. 100 percent!! I also have a workout buddy with whom I go to the gym. He helps to educate me to all new and different ways to train. Plus the weights room is usually where all the hot guys are. LOL!

Would you date someone who wasn’t into health and fitness?
No. He doesn’t have to look like the heavens have opened up and spit out a Greek god. He doesn’t have to have incredible bone structure and a perfectly chiselled body but he should definitely be healthy and in shape.

But would you still work out if you wasn’t working within the adult film industry?
OMG, yes! You always have to stay healthy!

I think my BUTT definitely is one of my best features…

Drew Sumrok

With that said, what would you consider as being your best feature?
I think my BUTT definitely is one of my best features. I’m naturally a “bottom” and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to enjoy what a lot of guys can’t take… <wink>drew jock

HOT! I would love to hear more about that in your Boner Magazine interview… but, for now, let’s switch tack and talk about your eating habits. What are your favourite foods?
I have a very weak spot for Oreo cookies but my favourite foods are stuffed cabbage and of course chicken and brown rice. As for organic food…I hate ‘em!

Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them.
I’m one of the new faces of a new generation of vampires! It’s filmed in Atlanta, GA and it’s called IMMORTALZ, ATL. I play the role of Drew Carrington, a gay male prostitute vampire who has the supernatural ability to cast illusions.

So, you’re sinking your teeth into more diverse acting roles?
That’s a terrible pun!


Want to find out more about Drew Sumrok? You can check out his website, http://drewsumrokxxx.com/ There you will find photos and info on all of his movies and scenes that any fan would want. You can also find him on Twitter: @thedrewsumrok and become one of his 44k loyal followers.

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