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Champ Robinson

He is the July 2017 Man of the Month for machofucker.com proving that Champ Robinson is a star on the rise. He is here talking to losingitinberlin.com about his health and fitness life away from the entertainment world. Mr Robinson, the floor is yours…

Welcome to LIIB Champ, please introduce yourself to the readers.
I am Champ Robinson from the (USA) New York. I am a adult entertainer, director, producer and fitness and health promoter.

We here at LIIB are all about health. When did you get into fitness and weight training?
I have been into fitness and weights for eleven years.

And do you have any fitness goals?
One of my goals is to have a good nutritious healthy eating regiment. I make sure I have a daily intake of a green leafy vegetable and fibre. Chicken and seafood are my main meats. I eat red meat very sporadically. I take many vitamins if I miss any nutrients from my foods. A good protein drink is always refreshing after a workout. I have a strict program I follow to keep my body toned and fit. Overall goals are to eat healthy, take vitamins, and maintain a stable weight.

You have a great physique, is there an exercise that you would not omit from your routine?
I can’t live without my ab workout. It is a must. It’s “ABS” every time I go to the gym.

I try to workout at least five times a week sometimes seven.

 How often do you go to the gym?
I try to workout at least five times a week sometimes seven.

That’s quite frequent. Seems like a long time…
My time at the gym depends. No less than an hour. Most days I am really into the workout and feeling it so it’s a two and half hour workout. Time goes by relatively fast.

 Does cardio play a part in your exercise programme?
Yes, cardio is a part of my routine.

What do you do?
I am passionate about dancing and running. I may do the elliptical or treadmill. I prefer to dance, run, or bike. I like the rush, the heart pumping and pounding, panting, and sweat cardio gives me.


Do you follow fitness trends?
I prefer to freestyle and follow my trends.

How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?
Things do change and I will read a fitness and health magazine for some techniques and latest styles. I surf the net as well on fitness to increase my knowledge. I don’t know everything and I am always willing to learn and try new things. It’s also not bad to listen to another trainer. Trainers are full of great routines and the latest it factor to working out.

Would you date someone who wasn’t into health and fitness?
Yes, I would. It’s usually the inside that attracts me most. I’ve dated people that were not into the field of working out but they developed interest and started to work out with me.

I guess you can say I was an influence.


For many of our readers, just getting to the gym is a battle in itself. How do you motivate yourself to go to the gym?
There are a couple of factors. One is being competitive rather it be myself or another person. I like the compliments I receive when going out in public. I am able to wear form fitting clothing that fits my body. It allows me some alone time where it is just me and my music. Finally, the end results when I’ve completed a workout make me feel poised, good, and relaxed.

What do you consider to be your best physical feature?
I would say my chest is my best physical feature.

Which part of your body do you want to improve?
I want to improve my legs.

Do you ever eat junk food or have ‘cheat days’?
LOL. Yes, I do engage in both junk food and cheat days.

And do you drink alcohol?
I drink alcohol only occasionally.

What about supplementing your diet, do you take any?
As I mentioned earlier, I take different vitamins as part of my daily life. I pre-workout drink before gym and a post-workout protein drink afterwards.


Is it hard to maintain your diet and exercise programme when you’re travelling for shoots and movies?
I research locations that provide fitness centre accommodations or that has a gym nearby. I keep myself more on a strict diet when travelling. I shop and eat what is considered healthy and good for the body. Sometimes it’s only one meal a day.

One meal a day?? How is that possible?
I just discipline myself.

Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them.
I do a monthly or bi-monthly body cleanse of any solid food intake. Over a day or two day period I detox my body by doing liquid diet.

Champ Robinson, thanks for sharing with us.
Thank you!

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