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Billy Santoro

Billy’s ascent to being one of the most sought after actors in the gay adult film industry has been quick but all very well deserved. He is active on most of the social media platforms so his life is already pretty much an open book. We here at LIIB appreciate the beauty that is Billy Santoro but how did get that body? Mr Santoro, tell us more…

Thanks for agreeing to share your health & fitness experiences with my readers. So, tell us who you are, where you live and what you do?
No problem.  My name is Billy Santoro.  I live in the United States’ capital city, Washington DC.  I am an adult entertainer and a dog lover.

So, let’s delve straight in…At what age did you get into fitness and weight training? Do you have any fitness heroes?
I started when I was 30 years old.  I rested on a lean, ripped, skinny body for most of my 20s that came with just diet.  I did not work out.  Then as my metabolism began to slow with age, I noticed I was looking soft.

Having a good body is an asset in the adult film industry. Is this your primary motivation to work out?
No.  I started working out 7 years before getting into the industry.  Being in the gay community, there are pressures to look a certain way.  I would say that I may have succumbed to that initially.  But when I got into the gym and saw myself achieving my goals, it got very addictive.

Santoro Fitness Goals

Bill Santoro wet and ready

Billy Santoro flexes his abs!

What are your fitness goals?
I want to be 200lbs of ripped muscle and be able to do a split.  The former will definitely happen first.  Right now. I’m working on being able to tie my shoes.  LOL

Which one body part do you dread working on? How do you motivate yourself to work through it?
I’m a very strong guy.  I enjoy working the major muscle groups: chest, legs and back.  I dread doing shoulder or arm workouts. I feel like choosing a gym that also appeals to my sex drive keeps me motivated to stay present.  When I’m attracted to men in the gym, I tend to want to go.

How often do you go to the gym each week? How long do you spend in the gym?
I do 5/6 days a week.  I listen to my body.  If I’m too sore, I rest.  There are weeks I go every day and weeks I go 2 days.  The important part is ensuring you are recovered before going at it. I spend roughly 3 hrs a day at the gym.  Because of my age, I spend a good hour warming up.  I do light elliptical to get the joints lubed up.  Then I do an hour to an hour and a half of weight training.  I do a mix of pyramiding and supersets to burn fat.  Then I do 30 mins of abs and stretching.

You are a married man, do you work out together or do you prefer working out alone?
We worked out together for the first few years of our marriage.  I took him from 180cm (6ft), 65.8kg (145lbs) to 95kg (210lbs).  Now his goals have changed, so his workouts are different than mine.  We go to the gym at the same time but now just share a kiss at the water fountain.

Weights or cardio? Do you have preference?
I do not do a lot of traditional cardio.  I prefer to incorporate my anaerobic movements into my supersets. Weights are the best option for me.

What do you fitness knowledge up to date? Do you regularly change your workout routine?llib3
I keep myself certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  I have never really trained anyone.  I do it for me and my knowledge.  I change my work out every 12 weeks.

Do you change your gym routine before shooting a new scene?
No never.  I do not do the traditional Bulk/Cut method as I can be on camera at any time.  If I notice I am losing my visible abs, I will change my diet first.  I do not alter my workouts in a 12 week plan.

Which part of your body would you say is your best feature?
My chest and deltoids

Food, Diet & Supplements

Do you have to be careful about what you eat?
I am not super strict on my diet.  I just watch my portions more than anything.  I try to ensure I’m not eating more than what will fit on a 5in plate.

So, what are your favourite foods?
I don’t know that I have favourite foods.

Yes, I don’t usually eat for pleasure.

What about when you are on the road?
When I’m on the road, it’s very difficult to eat often, which is my method.  I can make McDonald’s healthy!

Are organic foods an important part of your diet?
To me, organic just means the farm paid for a government seal.  It is not important to me.  There is this big push for organic foods, but there are perfectly good foods from smaller farms that just can’t afford that seal.

llib2Do you take any supplements?
I take whey protein here and there but I prefer to get my protein from animal sources. I am always doing testosterone injections.

Really? Why?
I noticed I had low T (testosterone) when I hit my 30s.  You are fighting an uphill battle in the gym if you don’t have sufficient amounts of that hormone.  I have also done steroid cycles in the past.

Do you have any advice for the readers who are thinking of supplementing their weight training routine with testosterone?
The only advice I have to people who want to try their hand at that is to not get caught up in the results.  Do what the ‘prescription’ calls for.  No more than that, no matter what.

Presenting Leakedandloaded.com

Now, let’s change the subject a little. I hear that you are about to launch a new website, can you tell me more about it?
LeakedandLoaded.com is my attempt to breakdown the fourth wall between performer and consumer.  The site will feature porn stars’ homemade videos taken with their smartphones in somewhat of a tube site style.

Sounds exciting!
There will be monthly features such as Billy’s Porn Guest where I will fly a porn star to Washington DC and video us in reality TV format as we look for a 3rd together then live stream it to the site.  Also Billy’s Beat which will be a live video blog when I answer fan questions live and review a porn movie from a performer’s perspective.

When will you launch the site?
The provisional date will be May 2016. I am currently tweaking it to make it perfect for the fans. You can sign-up for updates by just adding your email address on the leakedandloaded.com website.

Billy is a busy man!
Lol, I know. Next year, I plan on launching the Leaked and Loaded Tour where we will stream live from a bathhouse in every city.

Leaked and Loaded, live and direct, huh?
Oh, yes!

Subscribe to Leakedandloaded.com and or read Billy’s musings at Billyleakedit.com where you will get the real tea on the gay porn industry. You can also follow Billy on Twitter: @BillySantoroXXX ,  see what Billy likes on his Tumblr page: billysantoroxxx.tumblr.com and check out his sexy photos on Instagram: @billysantoro_official



  2. billy is in cleveland now and return may 16 i watch him wrestle and altoghough he loses on purpose accoreding to him he could actually whip all the guys he wrestles i love his muscular body when he wrestles i hope to see him win some grabby awards this weekend

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